Understanding City Fees

Residents and business owners have several options for paying fees, including signing up for paperless billing or enrolling in an auto-debit.  If you have questions about any of the fees below, including if or how they pertain to you, please contact our Finance Department at (304) 424-8583 or (304) 424-8574.

Fire Protection Fee

The owners of all buildings within the City are subject to a Fire Protection Fee which is based on square footage and number of stories. 

Police Protection Fee
The owners of all premises within the City are subject to a Police Protection Fee. The fee per residential unit is $8.00 per month, and each commercial unit is $16.00 per month. 

Sanitation Fee
The City provides solid waste disposal service and recycling to each residential unit. The flat rate per residential unit is $18.00 per month. 

Business and Occupation Privilege Tax (B&O)
This quarterly tax is imposed for the privilege of engaging in certain business activities in the City of Parkersburg. 

City Service User Fee
The fee is a flat charge of $2.50 per week for individuals who work at a job within the city limits of Parkersburg. The fee is withheld by the Employer and sent to the City each quarter. Self-employed individuals will send their user fees to the City each quarter. 

Hotel Occupancy Tax
This tax shall apply to consideration paid for the use or occupancy of a hotel room and is collected by the hotel operator. 

Sales Tax
Parkersburg has enacted a 1% Sales Tax on all retail items and taxable services. The 1% tax follows the rules for the 6% West Virginia Sales Tax, for a total of 7%.